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Energy Monitoring and Management

Do you know where your energy is going?

Energy consumption is defined as the use of energy as a source of heat or power. An energy monitor, also known as an electricity meter, is a great way to determine your heating and power use, at home or as a business owner, to help you gain control of your utility bill. Monitoring work in real time, so you'll be able to see how many watts a household or work device is drawing at any given moment, or how many kilowatt hours (kWhs) you've used. A variety of unique tracking features means you can keep your data tracking basic, or receive detailed reporting. 

These monitors play an important role in reducing consumption, and your increased awareness alone can lead to energy savings of up to 20% or more! They are affordable, fun and easy to install (making them a great gift idea!).

Whether you're using a monitor to compliment a renewable energy system, or interested in the total energy your house or business consumes, an energy monitor will meet your needs. Many monitors also provide convenient web based interfaces and displays, along with phone apps, allowing you to monitor performance from anywhere at any time.



Home and Business Basic:

A basic energy monitor.

A basic energy monitor.

Don't know where to begin? A basic energy monitor keeps information simple and straightforward while being versatile and inexpensive. Like all monitors, it shows your usage in real time - so when you turn a light off you'll see how much energy is conserved within a second of flicking the switch.

With these monitors you'll better understand how much heating, power and money your household consumes, allowing you to make positive changes to your consumption behaviour. Data can also be tracked with innovative computer software programs.

It's not just about waste reduction, or cost and energy conservation. It also helps you pinpoint inefficient appliances, to give you an edge when making important upgrade decisions!



Home and Business Detailed:

Turn your household or businesses utility usage into a controllable expense with a detailed energy monitor. These monitors have the capability to track all electricity consumption, pinpoint major cost contributors, proactively alert on cost and equipment performance, monitor your renewable energy and control HVAC.

A detailed energy monitor is ideal for those who want to take their load management to the next level, whether it's because you've been unpleasantly surprised by your monthly energy bill or you find lights and equipment left on after business hours. Energy is the only thing you buy that you don’t know the cost of upfront - until now!

Screen capture of some of the data available from a detailed energy monitor.

Screen capture of some of the data available from a detailed energy monitor.

"It's great to see how many trees we have saved!" - Pete Sargent, Project Manager with MINI Richmond.

View information on E-monitor products here, and Current Costs products here.


Renewable Energy Monitoring:

There's no better way to celebrate the sun than see the free clean energy you’re harnessing every day!

The big reason behind installing renewable energy systems is conservation: saving money and reducing carbon footprints. These monitors help you track both. When combined with solar hot water, solar electric power or other green technologies, they can also help alert you to any problems needing attention. They'll ensure your system continues to perform to its maximum potential while optimizing energy savings. This can be an important part of protecting your investment.

These monitors can also be an incredibly powerful tool for raising awareness and educating staff, colleagues, kids and public.

A screen capture from SunReports, an energy monitor tracking data for one of our solar hot water installations.

A screen capture from SunReports, an energy monitor tracking data for one of our solar hot water installations.

"While many of our successful energy saving projects happen behind the scenes at the staff and facility level, our solar panels are a visible symbol of our commitment to sustainability and responsibility." Joe Murphy, VP Operations and Support at Island Health. View their SunReports energy savings in July, 2013.

For more information on solar hot water monitors view SunReports products here, and for more info on PV monitors view EMonitors here.



The Kill A Watt can track energy on individual appliance loads.

The Kill A Watt can track energy on individual appliance loads.

Energy Monitor Add-Ons: Take your conservation strategies to the next level with a variety of sensors, CT clamps, or individual appliance monitors. These accessories will allow you to monitor individual loads in your home or business and gain specific visibility on all electrical loads.

Individual Appliance Monitor: These monitors allow you to track individual appliances throughout the house to determine the current watt usage. 

Smart Strips: Printers, DVD players, computers and plasma TVs are all examples of products with standby modes that make them convenient to use but suck significant power on the sly. Smart power strips help reduce your power usage by shutting down power to products that go into standby mode. Doing so can save you money and decrease your household energy consumption by up to 10 percent!

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